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Genius Scan - Portable Scanner for Windows Phone

Genius scan is a portable scanner for windows phone. It can scan using windows phone camera and capture any of a paper documents such as receipts, notes, tax documents, magazine, business card, newspaper, brochure, and etc.

Genius Scan - Portable Scanner for Windows Phone

genius scan for windows

Genius scan is developed by The grizzly Labs, it's paid mobile scanner apps on Windows Phone market.

Genius scan features:

- automaticlly edge detections and perspective correction
- smart and fast post processing

Usage of apps:

Here's the default user interface of this apps, there are  menu (camera, photo, settings, and info), my documents, and recent. To take scan of documents, choose camera/photo on menu. By default it has flash turn on/off to take a pictures.
genius scan for windows
 Preview before correction the edge of the scanned documents:
genius scan for windows
Well still not auto detection of edge. You need to manually set the crop point.
And here's the result of genius scan, the brightness and light is auto adjust. If done then you can save into library as a pictures.
Then you can continue to capture/scan next page of documents. To save as pdf you need a buy paid apps. Then you can export the pdf files through email. Well this app still not possible to save pdf directly on windows phone 8.1, so you need to share the pdf through cloud services or email.

Our Ratings:

Our Ratings for Genius Scan - Portable Scanner

Our Comments:

Before you buy this mobile scanner appsgenius scan, you can try the trial version. That limited to export as PDF (for multiple documents). The user interface is easy. Still not auto detection of edge or perspective layout of scanned documents. You need manually crop the scanned documents. The light and brightness is well beter, it's auto correction for the better results. For free version it's usefull if you only capture single documents, because it can save directly into library.
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