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Handyscan - Portable document scanner for Windows Phone

Handyscan is a mobile scanner application for windows phone. With this portable document scanner  you can scan anything into your windows phone. From contract to receipts, from class lessons to comics, newspaper, magazines, old photos, souvenirs, cards, and etc.

Handyscan - Portable document scanner

handyscan mobile scanner app
Handyscan is developed by JDB Pocketware. And there's two version on the windows phone market, one of them with 365 logo and the one another not. But i think it's same, so choose one of them to install it.

Handyscan - Features

Handyscan features based on market:
handyscan mobile scanner app

handyscan mobile scanner app
The premium features that not available on free versions:
- Send PDF/JPG/ZIP via email
- Cloud folders and office/sharepoint 365 & OneDrive For Business Supports.

Usage of apps

Okay let's try the handyscan mobile scanner apps for windows phones, here's the first time when you open this handyscan apps on windows phone:
handyscan mobile scanner app
On the top left, choose it if you want to upgrade into premium features. there are two subscription, per month or per year.
handyscan mobile scanner app
Okay press back if you didn't want to upgrade into handyscan portable documents scanner with premium features. Then press "scan a document" to scan the documents.  For the first time you will see this popup, to help you how to take picture with your windows phone camera.
handyscan mobile scanner app
Tick the "don't show again" then start to scan the document that you want to scan. Okay let's take a sample then capture it here's it is, press start to scan the documents.
handyscan mobile scanner app

After you capture the document with your camera, here's the default windows to editing the scanned documents, there's no auto edge detection, you need to manually crop the edge of your scanned documents.
handyscan mobile scanner app

Press done to continue with brightness, light enhancenment/optimization, there are 3 differents filter's optimization to apply into documents. Choose the best that you like.

handyscan filters scan
Here's the results of handyscan mobile documents scanner, you can add next page / new document to be scanned by press "+" button.

handyscan results
When finished you can share to onedrive, email, dropbox, etc but it's premium features, on free you can try only 2 times. You can also add the text, add the signature on it after you save it.

Our Ratings:

Our Ratings for HandyScan Portable document scanner for Windows Phone

Our Comments:

Well this apps doing well to scan a multiple documents, but still it can't directly save into phones. You need to upload into cloud services, (dropbox, onedrive, email) then you will get the pdf by download from cloud services. But these features need a premium apps, so you need to buy subscription to use that features for unlimited.
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