Monday, February 15, 2016

MD Scan mobile document scanner on Windows Phone

Hi, today i got my first windows Phone, it's microsoft lumia 540. It's used but still good.. :D. Well if you see my post about this mobile scanner app on Windows Tablet, this apps still not save into PDF files or maybe i don't know how to save pdf files, well now i try again on windows phone to see difference.

MD Mobile Scanner for Windows Phone

This mobile scanner apps, created by stoik developers. It's available free and paid apps. For free apps the result will get the watermark. Here's the welcome screen:

windows phone, stoik md scanner

MD Scanner For Windows Phone Features

There are two options to take snapshot or scan of documents. One and multi (batch), if you choose single capture, there's no enhancement. It's just set default result of camera picture. Only on the multi batch menu you can set the enhancement. Okay here's the default edge detection using this apps.

md scanner windows phone
The camera picture is clear, but the detection still wrong, maybe it's depend on light not the object. Well just set manually the pointer to match the paper, then check to finish. Here's the result:

md scanner windows phone
Okay now save to PDF files, well, i'm still confuse how to save directly into PDF on local phone, the only options is just share pdf via email, dropbox, and skydrive.

windows phone md scanner

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That's it, on windows phone has save pdf feature, but still cannot directly save into local files. This apps still need improvement, especially on edge detection, because when i take multi picture, on low light, the result is not fit on paper. So every picture must set manually the edge pointer, and this will take more times, to get multiple pages scanned. Well same as tablet version, this mobile scanner apps still usefull, if you just take scan for one or some paper.
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