Sunday, February 21, 2016

Barcode Scanner (ZXing Team) : QR and Barcode Scanner for Android

If you search "Barcode Scanner or barcode" on Google Play Store, then you will get this apps for the first place. This apps is Barcode Scanner, and developed by ZXing Team. With this apps you can read Barcode and QR code that contains any information on it.

Barcode Scanner

Of course to use this apps, your android devices need camera feature. And the object (QR Code/Barcode) that you want to read.

barcode scanner

Okay, to test scanning barcode and QR Code, you need a qrcode/barcode object, for this sample i'm using qrcode/barcode generator online that you can search on search engine.

Testing Qrcode Scanning

QR Code Sample:

barcode scanner
Here's the result of Qr Code:
barcode scanner

Testing Barcode Scanning

Barcode sample:
barcode scanner
Here's the result for barcode:

barcode scanner

Our Ratings:

Our ratings for barcode Scanner by ZXing Team

Our Comments:

Well that's it, you can share that what you can read with this Barcode Scanner. Share via email, via sms, or share the qrcode/barcode to another messaging apps (like whatsapp, bbm, line, etc) to your friend. This barcode scanner is easy to use and handy, and also open source, If you want to built apps with this qr/bar code scanner. you can see the github pages, here:

Okay that's it about Barcode Scanner from zxing.Enjoy
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