Sunday, February 21, 2016

Scan2pdf - Windows Phone apps to capture document or image into PDF

Scan2pdf app is mobile scanner app for windows phone, this apps can scan an image (capture from camera) or load images from album, then convert into PDF. Scan2pdf is available for free on Windows Phone market.


scan 2 pdf windows phone

What it says, on Market Store, well no many word on the description, just like the title, scan2pdf, scan to PDF is the main function of this apps. And it have features to apply various filters or another effect on the document/image (just like photo editor). Okay let's try.

Scan2pdf features

You can organize the pdf by creating label, then create new pdf, take document from picture / from gallery. No auto edge detection, just picture that you capture by default that will show in picture editing. It's use aviary engine for editing the picture. To Crop document, only square crop that you can use, so make sure you capture the documents fit on your windows phone camera. Anything to do with the documents, you must edit manually.

scan 2 pdf windows phone

When done, you can save the scanned document into pdf, you can add label to the document for organize the pdf. To view the pdf this apps just use built in pdf view, but it can't directly save the pdf into internal memory, to save the pdf you can use dropbox or email.

Our rating

Our rating for Scan2pdf

Our Comments:

This mobile scanner apps is very handy, if you only just want to take picture and make them into pdf. You can also editing the photo by using built in aviary photo editor to make better. But if you want to scan/capture such as document, you need extra effort to do it. Make sure you get the document fit into camera edge, because scan2pdf doesn't have auto edge detection, and adjust the brightness / contrast manually using aviary. No direct save into internal storage, but you can upload to dropbox or through email to get/view pdf on another location.
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