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Scanwritr - all in one document scanner for Windows Phone

Scanwritr is a all in one mobile scanner applications for windows phone. It can scan documents using camera, and can capture media such as articles, paper, business cards, notes, receipts, books, and etc.

Scanwritr - document scanner

scanwritr windows phone
Scanwritr document scanner is developed by Vanaia LLC for windows phones. It availables as free and paids versions.

Scanwritr features

Based on the store market descriptions this mobile scanner applications (scanwritr) have such features below:
- can scan single / multi documents
- save as PDF, image, print/fax or save to clouds,
- can add signature and annotation into it.
- have a real-time edge detection (auto crop) and image enhancement features.

Usage of apps

For testing the usage of apps, i'm using Microsoft Lumia 540. Okay for the first you start this apps  you will get a welcome screen, just swipe to the next until show the first user interface of Scanwritr, here's the main menu of scanwriter. It has a pop up navigation how to use this apps.
Just tap on Scanwritr "Start here" to scan one/multi documents. First menu is flash light, second edge square, third menu is multiple pages, then the fourth menu is to capture the documents.

Make sure your object background is clear / just one color only, and don't make any vibration, to make sure scanwritr auto edge detection features is working better.
If done then tap -> to continue. You can adjust brightness and colour of the scanned documents here. After that save to finish.

Here's some example results of scanwritr mobile scanner apps for windows phones. I capture 3 pages for example. One of them i capture fast (left picture on home folder below), without focusing on the paper, so the edge detection not crop properly.
To edit the scanned documents, just tap on it, you will see pencils, eraser, and save icons. To erase anything on the documents just choose erase buttons, to add text, handwritting and signature tap on pencils icons. For handwriting, it's depends on your windows phone's touchscreen sensitiveness.
When done, you can save the scanned documents directly into PDF, just select one or multi pages that you want to save. Then, choose recylce icons (icon on the right position).
You will see the scanwritr save menu like picture below, there are 5 menus:
Choose send an email to send email, share, save PDF, google cloud print, or Send a Fax, for this example i choose save pdf (Save Original Document).

Choose the original document, then choose the folder target path (internal storage or sd card), then save. The PDF's document now saved directly into phone.
And you can open the pdf documents directly using PDF readers, or connect to the PC, to save on your computers / PC.

Ok that's it about scranwitr, a mobile scanner applications for windows phone

Our Ratings:

Our ratings for Scanwritr - all in one document scanner for Windows phone

Our Comments:

If you looking a mobile scanner apps for windows phone, then scanwritr will do the best for you, it can capture single / multi documents, have a auto detection of edge and image perspective. Auto light brightness setup. You can share the scanned documents into clouds, email, and you can also save the PDF directly into the phones. The scanwritr free versions have ads, if you didn't wan't the ads, then you can buy the paids versions of scanwritr. It's worth to buy. :) enjoy.
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