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Mobile Doc Scanner 3 - Android Mobile Scanner

Mobile Doc Scanner 3 is a mobile tools to scan any type of document, then transform it into PDF format. The another name of this apps is MDScan, it's same with MD Scan for Windows  Tablet or Windows Phone. Becase this mobile scanner apps is developed by same developer.

Mobile Doc Scanner for Android

Mobile Doc Scanner 3 is developed by STOIK soft, there are two version paid and lite versions. The lite versions have watermark on pdf results, and also up to 4 pages for batch mode.

Mobile Doc Scanner Features on Android

Here's the main features of this mobile doc scanner on google play store
- Auto edge detection and perspective
- Scan and manage multipage documents
- Fast Auto Image processing, produce small, clean and legible PDF
- Easy PDF sharing to local and cloud storage.

Usage of this Apps

Here's the default interface of Mobile Doc Scanner 3 Apps for Android.

Single Scan

It's look simple, better than windows version, to take a single shot, you can use "New Scan via Shoot" or Multiple pages with Batch Mode. Here's the sample results:
The auto detection is doing great, if it isn't then you can set manually the edge point, when done, press (v) button to continue with auto brightness, here's the auto brightness results:
If you want to change the filtes, press "Pen" menu button, then choose "filter" then you can set filter that you like.
You can also do handwriting (support s-pen), and add signature, but these features it premium, you need to updgrade the Mobile Doc Scanner 3 to premium. If done then press (v) button save it, or take camera again for the next scan capture.

Batch Mode

Press batch mode button, set up the filter first, just set to auto crop photos, then start.

then capture any multipages pages that you want to scan, when done capturing, then press (v) button. Here's for sample results.
Auto edge detection is doing well, when done you can edit each pages to add signature or do handrwiting, or export as PDF / Images / Zip directly to Android Phone. And view it on your computer or share to another.

Our Ratings:

Our rating for Mobile Doc Scanner 3 for Android

Our Comments:

Well this mobile scanner apps have difference with windows phone / tablet version, on Android version everything is great, you can capture single or multiple easily, auto edge detection is good. And you can save directly into phone or share to another. For more features like handwriting and signature you need to upgrade into paid versions. Well the price is still worth to buy.
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