Sunday, April 10, 2016

Convert any PDF documents into Word, Text, Image, HTML with UniPDF

Hi, looking for free PDF to Word Converter Software for free? Try UniPDF, UniPDF is a standalone PDF to Word, Images , HTML, or Text Converter. It's easy to use and performs high-quality conversion from PDF files to word (doc/rtf), images (JPG/PNG/TGA/BMP/TIF/GIF/PCX), html files, or plain text (txt) in batch mode.

UniPDF - Free PDF to Word Converters Software

To download the Uni PDF free Word Converter Software just download from URL below:
This app is for Windows Desktop.

User interface

After you download and install the application, open the apps, then here's user interface of UniPDF, to convert the PDF files, just drag and drop the PDF files into it, then convert.
If you want to convert PDF into images, choose the file format that you want in Settings Tab.

PDF Sample

Okay let's try it. here's the sample of PDF.

Converted Results

Then try to convert into PDF, here's the results:
Convert into HTML:
Convert into Text files:
Convert into doc/rtf files:
Convert into Images, it will be same as the source of PDF files. 


Okay you can see above, for HTML and text files, the results is fine, but when convert into doc/rtf the results still not same as source, so you need to read and correct it after you convert into word. Or the alternative way, convert into HTML/Text then copy into Word Documents. If you want to convert the PDF files based on images files, then you can't use this software, because the results is only the images, so you need an OCR Tools to extract the Text from image source.

Overall this apps is still good and also free for non commercial use. No need online to convert the PDF files.

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