Friday, April 8, 2016

Doc Scan - Scanner to Scan PDF for Iphone

Doc Scan is another mobile scanner apps for iphone devices. This apps can scan all your documents, even if they are curled. Docscan can scan multi-pages document. It's not only paper document, you can also scan whiteboard, receipts, business cards, coupons, books, posters, etc.

Doc Scan - Scanner to Scan PDF for Iphone

Doc Scan for iphones is mobile scanner apps that developed by IFUNPLAY CO.LTD, it's available free and paid versions.

Doc Scan Features

- DocScan can instanly scan multiple pages documents
- Fas auto-detect document edges from a photo, correct the perspective distortion, remove shadows and brighten up to produce clear and sharp document.
- Can add annotate on the scanned documents
- Save to PDF, share to email/cloud, export to another apps.

Usage of Doc Scan apps

For the first time the apps launch, it will ready to capture the documents. To take scan of documents, press Docscan camera button.
When the documents captured/scanned, it will begin to auto detect the edge, if it's not fit or curved, you can use another edge pointer, or retake picture. Then adjust the edge pointers if the documents not fit to edge points. Next to continue.
Here's you can adjust the brightness, set to original, color, or black white, you can also rotate the pages, and set the document Height and Weight. Press save to continue.
Set the title of the scanned documents, fill the folder name, and set paper page size, then save to continue.
You can continue to capture the next documents, after you finish taking scan of documents and save it. You can also add the annotation into it. It have pen, marker, and also eraser. You can change the color of annotation too.
Save it then done. You can save into iphone by export into iBooks, or share to email / cloud services. Print using air print, or fax it (charges in app purchases).

Our Ratings

Our ratings for Doc Scanner to Scan PDF for Iphone

Our Comments

Well this Doc Scan mobile scanner apps have most features such as autodetection of edge, brightness, page setup, brightness / color enhancement, and can add annotation. All Doc Scan features can be used on free version. Well it must have apps for iphone. The pro version have best price and worth of it.

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