Sunday, April 10, 2016

Faster Scan - Making PDF documents using Iphone

Faster scan is mobile scanner app for iphone that can scan documents using camera. Not only document that can be scanned with this mobile scanner apps, but also whiteboard, cards, posters, books, receipts, or anything that you want transform it into PDF.

Faster Scan for Iphone

This faster scan mobile scanner apps is developed by IFUNPLAY CO. LTD, it available as Free and Paid Applications on Iphone App Store.

Faster Scan Features

Faster Scan Features, based on Faster scan App Store Description
- It can scan multi-pages
- Fast auto-detect edge of documents
- Auto correct perspective distortion
- Remove shadows
- Can set the brightness.
- Has a built-in PDF viewer.
- Can draw lines or annotate.
- Folder for organizing the documents
- Share through email, cloud storages, or into iphones using ibooks.

Faster Scan Usage of Apps

Here's the default user interface for the first time using this apps. There are setting menu, sort button on the top, then folder menu on the left bottom, gallery on the right bottom, then camera for scan the documents.
Just press the camera to take picture of the documents, or choose from gallery, you can take multiple documents directly, no need to process each document that you want to scan.
If done taking picture, then choose next, then the pictures will auto crop edge detection for each pages. Then next. To set the size, rotation, brightness, and color.
When done, choose save, and done, then you can set the Paper/Page size directly.
Choose save again, then it will be listed on the main menu.
You can share the document into airprint, email, upload to cloud, open in ibooks, or save to album.
You can also add the annotation into it.

Our Ratings

Our rating this mobile scanner apps : Faster Scan for Iphones

Our Comments

Well this mobile scanner apps : Faster scan, is developed by same developer that create Doc Scan for Iphone, so the User Interface and features is very similar. The difference maybe only name and colour layout. All the function is same. it has auto edge detection, brigthness and color settings, can add annotation, etc. Don't confuse between faster scan and Doc scan, just choose one of them. It's still good for free versions and worth for the price if you want to go pro.

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