Friday, April 8, 2016

Genius Scan a mobile PDF Scanner for Iphone

Genius scan is a mobile scanner apps in your pocket. Quickly scan any documents on the go and can export the scanned document to JPEG Picture format or multi-page PDF files.

Genius Scan : PDF Scanner for Iphone

Genius scan is developed by The Grizzly Labs, on the iphones market there are two versions, free and paid apps.

Genius scan for iphone features

The key features that described on the apps market description:
- It's auto detects the page frame, then crops it and corrects the perspective.
- Color enhancing of the documents
- Share to emails or cloud services
- Can capture multiple pages
- Print over air print
- Share documents over wifi
- etc, you can see more on the apps stores genius scan pages.

Usage of apps.

Here's default of genius scan, mobile scanner apps for iphones. To capture the documents it have camera button on the left bottom, or you can pick the document from the photo gallery.

Press the camera button or gallery to process the scan of the documents, and it will do the auto edge detection like picture below. You can retake, if the auto detection doing wrong, if done, press "use" button to continue.
Now you can set or adjust the color / brightness enhancement by pressing settings on the left bottom. When done then save.
You can continue to scan next documents by pressing + button on the left bottom.

To save the documents into PDF directly to iphone, you can export to another apps, then choose copy to iBooks, the PDF will be listed on the iBook. Or you can share through email or cloud services.If you want to add signature or annotation, you need to buy genius sign by the same developer.

Our Rating:

Our ratings for Genius scan, mobile scanner apps for Iphones

Our Comments:

Genius scan for iphones, this mobile scanner apps have simple and easy to use user interface, and also have good autodetection features and color/brigthness enhancement. Can take single/multiple document easy. You can save the PDF/Jpeg into iphone by export into ibooks or save through email/cloud services. Maybe for some people the price is to high, but there's free version so don't need to worry. There's no paper size setup and for annotation, you need to buy genius sign separately. 

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