Sunday, September 25, 2016

QR Scan Free for Windows Phone

QR Scan free is simple QR Scanning application for Windows phone. It's developed by Happy Game.

Search QR Scan free on the microsoft store then download it.


QR Scan Features:

Well it's just scan the QR Code.

QR Scan free Usage:

Here's the default screen when running this QR Scan Free for Windows Phone:
There are 4 menu, scan (for scan QR Code), History (QR Code that you had captured), Settings ( Sound, vibrate, ask when open). To Scan QR Code just point the camera into QR Code, then it will automaticly show the message/link on the QR Code.

When the beep sound appears, then the messages/url will be shown.

Our Ratings:

Our ratings for QR Scan Free Windows Phone

Our comments:

QR Scan Free for windows phone is simple / basic QR Scan code application for windows phone. No more added features. Just scan the QR Code and read the message/open url only.
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