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CamScanner for android - multi function mobile scanner

CamScanner for android is a mobile scanner application for scan any media into PDF, and also can extract the text from document that captured by android camera. CamScanner use built-in android camera to taking a picture/documents.

Camscanner for android

mobile scanner app
CamScanner for android is developed by INTSIG information Co. LTD. Camscanner has two version of application in Google Play Store. Paid and free apps. For free version have an ads and watermark.

CamScanner for Android Features:

Mobile Scanner
Use your android camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, book, or any other documents.

Optimize Scan Quality
Smart cropping and auto enhancing make the texts and graphics look clear and sharp

Quick Search 
By entering any keyword, you’ll see a list of docs with the word in their titles, notes or images (Registrants only)

Extract Texts from Image
OCR (optical character recognition) extracts texts inside single page for further editing or .txt sharing. (Licensed only)

Share PDF/JPEG Files
Easily share docs in PDF or JPEG format with others via social media, email attachment or sending the doc link

Print & Fax
Instantly print out docs in CamScanner with nearby printer; directly fax docs to over 30 countries right from the app

Invite friends or colleagues to view and comment on your scans in a group. (Registrants only)

Advanced Editing
Making annotations or adding customized watermark on docs are made available for you

Secure Important Docs
Set passcode for viewing important docs; meanwhile, when sending doc link, you can set password to protect it

Sync across Platforms
Sign up to sync documents on the go. Just sign in to any smartphone, tablet or computer (visit you own and you can view, edit and share any document. (Registrants only)

for more features you can see at Google Play:

Camscanner for Android Usage of apps:

Here's the default of CamScanner for android, in this picture the documents still empty because still not capture any images:

mobile scanner app
Tap on camera button to start scan / capture the documents:

mobile scanner app
It will auto detect the edges of paper/document that capture by this mobile scanner app:
mobile scanner app
Choose (v) button to continue on Brightness/Contrast settings. By default it's use auto for best appearance, you can change manually if it's not fit/not suitable for you.
mobile scanner app
That's it your documents was created, to continue the next pages, just press camera button again.
mobile scanner app

mobile scanner app
You can also add annotation and watermark by choose the pages that you want to add them. for annotation you will required to download innote.
mobile scanner app
Here's sample off marking features:
mobile scanner app
Extract the text, simply chooose "Recognize" button to extract the text. Then choose the area that you want to extract it.
mobile scanner app

Here's the sample results.
mobile scanner app
It's depend on your camera quality, i'm using samsung galaxy s3 camera, and the results looks goods. 

You can also add notes for your documents:
mobile scanner app

Our Ratings:

Our ratings for CamScanner mobile scanner app for android

Our Comments;

Well not much comments, it's the best mobile scanner application for android, it have many features such as camera to pdf, camera to multipages pdf, best OCR recognition. Easy to use, have a good file management. Enjoy.
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