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Scan to Text - camera to PDF and Text scanner for blackberry 10

Scan to text is a mobile scanner application for blackberry. It support camera to pdf, camera to text (OCR) or both directly.  It uses (OCR) optical character recognition technology to convert photos from the blackberry 10 camera or the gallery into multi-page PDF document with selectable and searchable text while keeping document layout, text alignment, font sizes and even images. 

Scan to Text

mobile scanner app
Scan to Text Pro mobile scanner app is developed by Yuri Salnikov, it's paid application, but it also have a fully functional demo apps. (But the result have watermark).

Scan to Text Features

• Scan to Text OCR supports multiple languages. Supported languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
• Scan to Text allows you to edit the result of OCR scan prior to accepting it - both in PDF and plain text mode.
• All processing is done on device, without relying on a server - so you won't be depending on an internet connection and will not incur any charges while roaming.
• The app OCR can confidently handle a full page of printed text - speed and quality of the extraction depends on the contrast and the quality of the print.
• Advanced image processing automatically corrects text orientation, rotation, perspective and skew, removes shadows, uneven lighting, spots and noise. As the result text alignment, clarity and readability in the image PDF document is greatly improved.
• Preview the image and select the region you want to save as PDF or extract the text from.
more features you can see on :

Scan to Text usage

When you run the apps, scan to text will directly using camera to taking picture:
Just tap or touch on any screen to capture the documents:
It will auto detect the edge of documents:

You can set the edges, then now you can extract into text and save to documents:

Save into PDF:

That's it. You can add more pages if you want to scan into PDF.

Our Ratings:

Our ratings for Scan to Text mobile scanner app:

Our comments:

Well scan to text is a simple mobile scanner app for blackberry 10. it have OCR features and also save to multiPDF. It's also simple user interface and easy to use. If you want to remove the watermark then just buy the apps. It's worth to buy. Enjoy.
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