Thursday, May 18, 2017

Camera / Image Scanner by accounstudio for android

Camera Scanner / Image Scanner is a mobile scanner app that can turns your mobile phone into an incredible scanner. Use camera as a HD Scanner. Take picture of any documents and digitalize it. Easily share through email, cloud print, fax, or cloud storage.

Camera Scanner / Image Scanner

This camera / image mobile scanner app is developed by Accountstudio, this apps is free with ads.

Camera/Image Scanner apps Features:

- Fast Document Scanning
- Auto Photo enhancing
- Smart Cropping
- Share scanned file with people nearby

Apps Usage:

For the first time, it needs several permission (i use android 6.0.1), just allow it., here's the default user interface

Just tap " + " to add image from camera or from gallery:
It's using device camera apps to capture it.
Tap > to continue. then it will detect edge of documents to fit it on one page.

If it's not fit, then you can set by yourself. Tap " v" when done. Here's the results, you can choose 4 different results:

Done, now you can export to PDF files.

Our Rating:

Our rating for these mobile scanner apps

Our Comments:

The good points of this apps, is simple to use, but this apps missing some features like multiple pages features and color adjustment. If you just only need scan only one page per documents then it's fit for your usage, but if you need to take multiple pages, then you need another applications.
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