Thursday, May 18, 2017

How to access files on android using AirDroid

After you capture some documents using some mobile scanner applications on android, then if you want to transfer the files you can use the usb cable and connect it to pc/laptop. Or the another way you can use 3rd party apps, if you want to transfer wireless, you can try AIRDROID. You can download it on google play store. After installation you must connect your pc/laptop and android on same network.

Open browser on your pc, then open airdroid in android, just tap to next, then tap "sign in later". On the AirDroid WEB, there are instruction to access from web, just type on your PC/Laptop browser to or http://that you can see on your phone.

If you use, then you must tap on [-], then scan the QR Code to continue using airdroid.

After the devices is connected then you can see your phone version on it and now you can access files using AIRDROID

Choose the files, then you can download to copy files into pc/laptops or upload to copy files into android devices.

Ok that's it, you can also access the messages, photos, videos, frequent, apps, musics, call logs, ringtones, contacts, and also access camera.

Enjoy Air Droid

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