Friday, February 2, 2018

Text Scanner (OCR) - Android Apps

Text Scanner (OCR) is android software tools to scan text from image into text. When you access text such as phone number, code number, url, or any other things that hard to type, this OCR will be useful for your android phone.

Text Scanner (OCR) is developed by "Peace" and available free in google play market. Google Play URL :

Key features in google play store description:
- World highest speeed and accuracy reading
- Support photos from album
- Support more than 50 languages
- Support handwriting
- Recognized text

Opening the apps, for the first time, it will show Text Scanner Built in Camera apps, to capture any documents or text.

Capture any media that have a text/number, make sure your android camera is good enough, and text must be clear enough, tap to capture, then wait, the result will be text. Here's the results. 

You can see, the text is yelow, and the background in dark. But the results is accurate, not only text, but korean word show accurate too. This apps is very recommended to capture any text / number that needed fast to type, to avoid mistake when texting.

You can directly share into any media such whatsapp, notes, social media apps, browser (for url), messaging, email,, or any other media that you want to.

That's about text scanner (OCR) for Android
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