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How to Convert Blog Into Book (PDF, doc) using BlogBooker

Do you have a blog? Sometimes you write such important things in your blog, and you have to read it, but you don't have internet connection. In this situation you need to backup your blog into offline format, such as eBook, Screencapture, word document, etc. There are many tools on internet, i found interesting tools on internet, It is BlogBooker. Blogbooker is tools to convert Blog into eBook Format (mainly PDF and DOC). It can capture pictures & also links.

BlogBooker support these platform :
1. Live Journal
2. Ghost
3. TypePad
4. Blogger
5. Medium
6. Twitter
7. Wordpress
8. Tumblr

Blogbooker url:

For free plans: You get low quality picture, pdf (1 year range), doc (6 months range).

Here's tutorial how to convert your blog into eBook

Choose PDF / Word.
Insert your account, it's also support deadjournal, dreamwidth,, and, insert your password and repeat password.
And click to "Create your BlogBook", to make eBook (PDF / doc), below that, there are such option to enhance the results, but some options not available for free plan, you need to upgrade to paid plan.

Those options available for other platform below too.

Before you use blogbooker, you need to login into ghost blog, Click on Labs under menu settings, then click the export button to generate .json file, save it. Then open blogbooker. Choose Ghost, and what type of your ebook (PDF/Word). Then upload the json file, and type the url.
Then click to "Create your BlogBook"

Before you using blogbooker with typepad, you need to export MTIF. Login to typepad, then settings, then Import/Export, and scroll down to Export section, click the export button to generate the export file, then download, you will get MTIF file, then upload it into blogbooker.
Type your typepad url, then click create your blogbook.

First you need to sign into blogger account, then on left menu, choose Settings -> Other, in the "Import & back up" section, click Back up Content > Save to your Computer. 
Choose Select your XML export file, then type blog url, then choose "Create your Blogbook"

Get medium archive first, in your account settings by clicking on the profile icon at the top right of the page then choose settings on drop-down menu. Then choose export content and choose Check your email for the link to download.

Select your zip medium archive file, then type your medium user name, then choose create your blogbook.

Go to your account settings ->on the profile icon at the top right of the page -> selecting Settings from the drop-down menu., Click Request your archive. Open your email, the link of download will be send to associated email with your twitter account.

Choose zip, and then upload, then insert twitter username, then click on "Create your blogbook"

You can use any or self hosted wordpress (, open WP Dashboard, then choose My Site --> Settings --> Export.
Select zip/xml then upload, type your wp address, then create your blogbook.

Insert your usernae, then, create your blogbook.

Here's the sample of my blog below, it's using blogger platform.

Convert Done.

Content list
Ok that's it about how to convert your blog into mobile document format (PDF/doc).

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