Wednesday, July 18, 2018

OCR-img2txt - Convert Image to text for Windows 10 Phone / PC

OCR-img2txt is a software for converting image (text on image) into text word. This software is available on Windows 10 Store (Mobile and Desktop). It's free and developed by Thomas Albert - EDV Dienstleistungen.


Appstore link :
The size of apps is arounds 39MB, Minimum requirements Windows 10 10240 x86 x64 & ARM.

OCR-img2txt Features

- Can extract scannable text from pictures
- Can capture pictures directly from the device camera

OCR-img2txt usage

OCR-img2txt user interface.

To capture / select image you can choose camera, or pick images from your devices.

After you capture the image / select the image, press extract text:

To test this OCR software i'm using alphabet, symbol, number. The first one using text from computer/word processing. And then using handwriting images. Here's the results.

Only alphabet character and number that can be extracted from images. OCR-img2txt cannot recognize the symbols.

For handwriting images:
Owwwch.... it cannot recognize properly.

Well, you need a image with proper and clear text. So it can extract better.


Our ratings for OCR-img2txt is 5,5/10

Our Comments:

Well OCR-img2txt is easy to use and free but only capable to extract text and number. For the symbol it still cannot extract properly. You neeed clear and proper image / capture to get the better results. So it's not recommended for heavy combination text, number and symbol. It still usefull to capture Business card phone number, address, code, pin, voucher, and another simple text and number.

Ok that's about OCR-img2txt enjoy.. :)
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