Thursday, July 19, 2018

Web Page Capture - How to take screenshot of whole webpage

Taking snapshots of images on android devices so far is quite easy, generally just use the power button and volume down buttons together. However in some cases this feature is not effective for taking pictures like web pages. If you rely on the android screen, of course the screenshot will not be full one full web page. Well, for this purpose there is one android application that can be used to take a whole web page view.

The application is called "Web Page Capture". This app is available for free in the play store. Developed by PakLogix.

Here is the URL link:

Okay, just go ahead, we will try this "Web Page Capture" app. For the first time this application is opened, it will display the application usage help dialog. Please read it first. Touch "Skip" whenever you want to start the app right away.

Here is a view of the "Web Page Capture" app.

Similar to a browser application in general. Let's try to access this site "mobilescannerapp". Touch "Search here" then write the URL of the desired URL, then the search results will appear by google. Select the appropriate address of your choice. Then open it.

If you already press the download icon on the bottom right. Then will appear 3 menu:

1. Capture Image
The "Capture Image" menu is a menu to capture web page screens with image formats.
2. Save as PDF
The "Save as PDF" menu is a menu to capture the capture of web pages in PDF format.
3. Add Url
The "Add URL" menu is the menu to open a special page directly by typing the URL address.

Here's the Sample Results Web capture with this app.
Picture mode results :
(google search results)

PDF Mode:
( homepage)

The result is pretty good. After that you can directly distribute/share the results or if in PDF format you can save it as your documentation and you can read it later. 

Ok, that's about "web page capture" application. An application that can be used to capture screenshots of entire web pages. And can be stored in Image or PDF format.

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