Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to set a hotspot on Samsung Tizen.

How to set a hotspot on Samsung Tizen. Samsung has issued its own operating system to compete with Android. This operating system is named Tizen. And the Samsung cellphone series that is available until the time of posting is that there are 5 series of cellphones. Samsung Z1 to Samsung Z5. In this post, I will share how to create and customize mobile hotspots for Samsung with the Tizen operating system. This hotspot activation on Samsung Tizen is not much different from the one on Android.
Below are the steps:

1. Turn on the Hotspot

Open the "Settings" Menu -> "Hostpot and tethering" -> enable "mobile hotspot".

For information on AP names and passwords, see "Device name".

2. Change the name of the hotspot

Unlike Android devices, to change the name "Access Point" on the Tizen device can be done in the "About devices" menu. Select> "Settings"> "About devices".

After that, touch "Name", then rename the name as you want.

When it's finished, the access point will match the name in the "about device" device of Tizen.

3. Change the wifi password

Enter the "Settings" menu -> hotspot and tethering -> press the menu button (the left button next to the home button).

The "configure mobile hotspot" menu will appear, press the menu to configure.

Now you can change the "Access Point" password for mobile hotspots, activate the "hidden wifi" feature and also change the type of wifi security.
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