Welcome to MobileScannerApp.Com

Hello, I'm cid, I'm the author of this sites. This site is my webblog that writes about scanner application for popular mobile devices (Android, IOS, and windows phone). There are many scanner application out there on Mobile App Store that make you confuse to choose. So, i will  test those apps.

To test scanner mobile apps i'm using these devices:
- Iphone 5C (ios)
- Iphone SE
- Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 (android)
- Samsung Galaxy Note 4
- Xiaomi Redmi 4X
- Xiaomi Mi 4
- Microsoft Lumia 540 (windows phone)
- Samsung Tizen Z1

And I will share my review about any mobile scanner application on this webblog. Hope it can help you to decide which application will you use on your mobile devices.

To find mobile scanner on App store / Play Store you can search the keyword below.

- OCR type application
- Barcode Scanner
- Scan to PDF
- Camera to PDF
- Photo To Text
- Document Scanner
- etc

For OCR / Scan to text / Photo to text, make sure your devices have a better camera, if not the result will not perfect.

And about me,

I live in Jakarta, Indonesian country. With my wife and my son, I work as tax consultant assistant, so everyday i use scanner to keep document for archive. While using Scanner hardware, some how it not easy, i must turn on the PC, then do the scan. It can make some time. And only in my office :D, if i'm outside office, the only solution is using mobile scanner. It help me when i'm not using scanner devices or PC.

Okay that's about me, and I'm sorry about my English and grammar (It looks bad, isn't it :) ), I'm still learning to write english, If i had mistake, you can tell me on the comment. Or maybe email me at:


Thanks for Visiting my webblog.